10 Times Socialite Huddah Monroe Has Undressed To Look For Publicity

For how long will Socialite Huddah Monroe look for ways to remain relevant in the industry?

Social media went to a craze after Huddah Monroe body-shamed American singer Lizzo. She took to her Instagram story to air her opinion about Lizzo’s body. The songwriter had shared some nude photos on her story that angered the former Big Brother Africa contestant 2013. The Huddah Cosmetics CEO said that she knows she is a victim of posting nudes but she does not think obesity should not be promoted.

There were mixed reactions from netizens and was attacked online. Some told her to look at herself first since she has performed cosmetic surgery that has made her achieve her current body shape. Others felt that the socialite is trying to stay relevant.

After everyone commented she said, “If you are offended unfollow but I’m bringing all of us skinny and fat women a solution to stay healthy and glowing.”

Ms Huddah came to the limelight after posting nudes, this made her popular which gave her more reasons to post more nudes and stay relevant. Till date, she still shares them and tries doing it in a different way which will make headlines.

Here are 10 times she has undressed on the gram for publicity;















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