1st Collabo in 2yrs – Octopizzo’s Major Comeback With Sailors

When was the last time you heard Rapper Octopizzo’ s collabo? well, the King of Rap is back with a bang after a very long time.

Taking to his Instagram account, Namba Nane finest revealed that his first collabo in two years will be out tomorrow with the Gengetone boy band Sailors Gang, who are taking Kenya music industry by storm.

However, he has not yet reveal the genre or name of the song.

“1st Colabo in 2yrs Na ju Hii ngoma ina mtu sita, hatuezi ngojea hadi 8th. Tomorrow November #6th saa Sita na Dakika Sita, itakua getha ya kusita sita.
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Octopizzo has been snubbing collabo requests from some artists.

But, a few months ago, Namba Nane finest revealed that before doing a collabo with any artist, he/she must meet some qualifications.

“There is a lot of considerations before ni do collabos, mimi hudo collabo coz na believe mtu na do na yeye collabo either itawork for sisi money way na itamake sense na ka ni upcoming lazima niona kama huyu msee ako na potential na anahitaji hii platform yangu kubuild fan base yake,” he revealed.

“If Iam going to do a collabo with someone either ni mtu mgeni hajulikani na anacome na style different kuliko yangu.”

This means Wamlambez hitmakers met Octo’s collabo qualifications despite the fact of the ban of one of their hit song.



Watch Octopizzo’s interview on doing a collabo


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