8 Photos That Are Making Men Aggressively Search For Sanchoka’s Alleged Sex Tape

Many of us get curious to know who our celebrity crush is banging and how good they are at it. Far from curiosity, we all have a celebrity we find sexually attractive and we constantly admire them in photos which is never as good as getting a glimpse of their nudes or leaked sex tapes.

One of the popular Tanzanian model Sanchoka has in several instances shared tantalizing photos showing off her curves and flawless skin making her male fans wish for more.

On Friday, some nude videos believed to be hers went viral and this triggered mixed reactions from her fans. Some of the qualities that make men go ‘wild’ over her is the thick thighs and her exceptional beauty.

Although the socialite has boldly denied that the videos are hers, her admirers have made sure they got to view the clips.

In a statement she shared on her social media page, Sanchi revealed that she does not appreciate the fact that people are comparing her to someone whose body is not as good as hers.

“Let me say this clearly hizo video mnazotumiana huko whatsapp SIO MIMI. Jamani msinifananishe na shepu zakawaida mnanikosea. Yani sijaumbwa hivyo.” she wrote

Even though she came clean, fans are convinced that the resemblance is enough proof to link her to the tape.

Meanwhile, here are some of her photos that left men wishing for more.


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