9 Times Henry Desagu and His Beauty Jackie Served Couple Goals (Photos)

Ithagu Kibicho better known as Henry Desagu and his girlfriend Jackie Mbugua have been serving us goals for a while now, leaving many of us yearning for a love like theirs.

He says that he started acting in comedy way back where he would perform in schools, churches and social functions. Jackie Mbugua on the other hand, is an actress, vlogger and a model. Interestingly Desagu has been featuring Janet in almost most of his videos denouncing slay queens

Desagu became more prominent when he received the Youtube Silver award which is normally honoured to Youtube creative content.

The silver award is given to YouTubers who have garnered 100K subscribers while Platinum is given to those who make up to 1 million subscribers and Gold awarded to those who reach 1 billion subscribers.

Below are some of their photos that prove the two make such a cute couple:

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