Akothee Face Criticism For Commenting on Bahati’s Social Media Posts

Akothee and Bahati Kenya have been close friends despite the fact that they belong to different music industries.  Lately, Akothee has been reacting on every post by Bahati and haters have started reacting on that.

Taking to social media, one of Bahati’s followers warned Akothee against commenting on Bahati’s posts arguing that she is too old to keep on following young people like Bahati.

This came after Bahati made a request to his fans through social media for name suggestions for his son who was yet to be born at that time.

Akothee was the first person to comment suggesting that the unborn baby should be named after her-Akothee.


Akothee ????

Her comment evoked a reaction from her fans. While some hilariously laughed off her suggestion, there is one fan that clapped back at Akothee telling her to go and post on her age mate’s timeline.


@akotheekenya mmmh we nae siku izi wakoment sana kwa bahati au ndo wataka kuappear kwa their reality show ndo u make ur own reality show..ebu nenda kwa agemate wako Zari ukakoment

She went further to suggest that Akothee should go to Zari’s timeline and react to their posts.

Image result for akothee and zari
Image Courtesy Akothee and Zari

This post attracted reactions from a few people. Some laughed off while others advised the fan to cool off and stop beefing up with Akothee.

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