Are Instagram Sensational Frankie and Natalie Tewa dating?

Natalie Tewa Photo: Courtesy

Kenyan Public figure and most alluring internet princess Natalie Tewa has always been having the time of her life. She is a look-up to goddess among most Nairobi ladies. From travelling to Europe and sharing all those coveted moments with her followers, she is just perfect in almost everything.

On her social media, the lifestyle, travel and fitness youtuber has posted several shots of herself travelling around Europe serving followers serious body goals and vacation goals. In a recent revelation, she is alleged to be dating Frankie Gymsuit, a trainer in body building and instagram influencer.

The newest couple in town is arguably the most sought after in their own right. Many women have confessed their love and admiration for Frankie Just Gym who has since divorced with his wife Maureen Waititu.

Both Frankie and Natalie left their significant other under unclear circumstances and haven’t cleared the air yet, even though their social media platforms are still active.

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