Baby Fendi Drops New Album, Fendii Gang Forever – Download Free

Rap artist Ameriyan Doctri, better known as Baby Fendi is out with her second album dubbed Fendii Gang Forever.

The album is an 8-track EP which features some of her greatest work so far.

Baby Fendi started rapping when she was just ten years old and her fascination with rap and poetry has led her to find a successful career in her music.

She dropped her first single in February following the official video in May which hit a million views quite fast.

Musically, Baby Fendi draws inspiration from top artists like NBA Youngboy, J Cole and Lil Baby. In one interview, she admitted that she enjoys collaborating with male artists over female artist.

“There’s just so much drama with female artists when we could just work together and take over the music industry,” she said. “I have collaborated with Lil Donald and I look forward to working with more artist in the industry.”

Baby Fendi distinguishes herself from other female artists with her unique lyrical flow and her relatable music.

Her music is simply made for all ages and she writes for both genders, not just females.

Listen and Download the Full Fendii Gang Forever Album Free

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