Bahati’s Baby Mama Pens Down Emotional Birthday Message to Daughter

Bahati with his daughters Mueni and Heaven

Musician Bahati’s firstborn daughter, Mueni Bahati, is turning four years old today. Through Instagram, her mother Yvette Obura shared an emotional message and wished she could be old enough to read it.

She seems to have gone through a lot of struggles in her life as she explained how Mueni has been a source of hope when she almost gave up and had suicidal thoughts.

“I wish you could be old enough to read this, but I know years from now you will. Just want you to know that you’ve brightened my days, you’re my strength,” she said.

“This year you’ve helped me(unknowingly) overcome a lot from having suicidal thoughts, healing my anxiety, mental health, to not giving up, to doing odd jobs just to give you the best, to throwing my ego out of the window to work for you and so much more mama. I love you so much my love and you’re all I have.”

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Mueni Bahati with her mother Yvette Obura

Raising Mueni has not been an easy task for her especially the early days after she was born. During a previous interview, she revealed how her father failed to talk to her after he learned she was pregnant.

At the same time, Bahati went missing. It took two years and a paternity test for Bahati to finally man up and accept responsibility.

“My dad made sure none of us lacked anything and saw all of us through school, provided us with everything we needed while growing up…” she said.

“He is my superhero and everything else, but hey he was so strict on us. I remember after he found out that I was pregnant wuee ilikua moto, yaani he didn’t talk to me until my baby turned 2years.”

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