BASATA Revokes Ban on Diamond and Rayvanny From Performing in Tanzania

Following many pleas from the WCB crew and fans at large, the Baraza La Sanaa La Taifa (BASATA) has finally revoked the ban on Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny from performing in and outside Tanzania. Diamond Platnumz posted a photo of the BASATA’s letter that renders them clear from the ban.

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Just late last year, Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny found themselves on a tight spot with the BASATA after they released a rather “dirty” (Mwanza) song that was said to violate the country’s moral principles. The duo went on to perform the song to a live crowd even after explicitly being asked not to by the BASATA.

In a statement made by the Chief Secretary of the BASATA, Diamond and Rayvanny were then banned indefinitely from performing in and outside Tanzania. But after many requests and apologies from the WCB crew, the ban has since been lifted, allowing the two artists to perform freely again.

The Wasafi Crew continues to grow its influence, not only in Tanzania but all over Africa at large. Last week, Kenyan artists went on an unruly spree on social media after statistics showed that Kenyans tend to listen to more Bongo music than local tracks. This proves that Diamond and his crew have a major influence on music trends in the country.

With the ban off, Diamond and Rayvanny can now continue making music and performing both locally and internationally without violating any directives. This, obviously, poses a real threat yet again to Kenyan artists who are still struggling to get more airplay.

BASATA’s Official Letter Lifting Diamond and Rayvanny’s Ban and allowing them to perform again

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