Betty Kyallo Blasted by Former Partner, “She Thrives on Drama”

Betty Kyallo (Instagram)

A few years ago, Betty Kyallo and Susan Kaitanny were ‘bestie goals’ after they built a potential salon empire called ‘Posh Place’.

Unfortunately, their fast friendship had an equally fast ending with each party accusing the other of not holding their end of the bargain when it came to the friendship and their partnership at Posh Palace.

About a year on, there is still some animosity lingering in the distance as evidenced by some declarations Susan made during an interview with the Pulser.

Speaking on their fallout, Susan said “I did not want to keep dragging things in the mud. I mourned the end of the relationship same as you do with friendship… Be careful of the people you bring into your life. Some things are just but a learning curve. You go through stuff for a reason.”

Kaitanny (@kuyohphotography )
Kaitanny (@kuyohphotography )

Susan then went on disclose that she was there for Betty when she was down and out but the K24 news anchor said some unflattering things about her when they publicly butted heads.

“I was a supportive friend. She went through the ups and downs and I was the one who was there for her. She said all the things she said and my conscience is clear. I don’t think I owe anybody an explanation. She knows it,” Susan revealed.

Seemingly throwing shade at her friend turned foe, Kaitanny said “Some people thrive on drama. I am not a blog-based person. Our target audience might be different. I have worked hard to get where I am and I don’t play dirty.”

So, what’s the future for Kiatanny and Betty? Well according to Kiatanny their friend ship has already sailed and they no longer talk.

“She keeps to her space, me to mine,” she divulged.

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