Bonfires Ceo Sarah Kabu Reveals Her First Car Most Slay Queens Would Never Drive Today

Half of the power couple owning Bonfire Adventures Sarah Kabu, has boldly come out to show off the first car she ever owned.

Posting next to a Toyota Vitz in a picture dating back 10 years, the mother of two revealed that she purchased the car with her hard-earned money. She did not depend on a sponsor and advises women against it.

To buy the Ksh 500, 000 car, the then young Sarah saved up from her salary of Ksh 50,000 and eventually got the car she had saved up for.

“I used to earn 50K and could save up to 20K each month so in 2 years I’d my 500K to buy my Vitz,” said the successful businesswoman.

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She revealed that she does not understand how young women intend to take care of the Range Rovers they seek from sponsors as it is no cheap thing.

“Nowadays I meet so many #slayqueens in their mid-20s who are just dreaming to get a man to buy them a #rangeroversport kama yangu as their first car… and they need tips from me… surely how will u maintain it na normal service ni almost 200k pale showroom?”Sarah asked.

For sure, young women today do not like the hustle of the process. They like instant gratification and driving a Vitz is not on their plan as they aim high.

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Sarah’s post has been applauded by many of her fans on the comment section.

Mawia_peter was one of them when he said, “Nice one. Determination knows no barrier.” Zeddey94 also showed her support to Sarah’s sentiments when she said, “Preach it!”

The young women in question, however, flooded the post crying that they do not have such jobs to be able to save up. Therefore, they have no other option but to piggy-back ride on sponsor’s money.

Instagram user  Its_lilw asked, “Women get sponsors coz even that 20k job hawapati not to mention pesa ya biashara watatoa wapi?”

Raqelkanyiko added, “Where is that 50k job😢😩 so I can start saving.”

Considering Sarah now drives a Range rover sport, the envy of every young woman, it would be prudent for them to heed her advice.

Check out Sarah’s post below:



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