Burale Opens Up About Losing 3 Family Members in Months

Pastor Robert Burale took to social media with a sad tribute while commemorating his late small brother.

Narrating the cause of death, Burale said that Sickle cell Anaemia robbed him his beloved brother, Ken. He remembered how he received a call from doctors depressed him. On arriving at the hospital, Ken took his last breath.

“KEN my small bro…Years ago you left us…The truth is that since you left things have never been the same…” he said.

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“That call from the doc ” please come to the hospital right away things are not good” shook me to my core…I arrived at MP SHAH with our cousin Mike just in time to say goodbye…and you breathed your last.”

The pastor also revealed that it was a very tough time for him since he also lost his brother Amur Wanguria who died after a car accident and after five months their late father Apollo Wanguria who died of cancer.

“..I will be back here in four months to give my tribute to our big bro Amur Wanguria…and in five months to give tribute to our dad Apollo Wanguria.. Oh death where is your sting……” he said.

The post comes a few weeks after he lost his uncle. Sharing a post on his Instagram account, he said; “Go well, Uncle. Please go well. The pain is over…No more medicine….No more …dance on the streets of Gold. The Angels welcome you.”

Burale has been through tough times in his life, some which cost him his marriage. He revealed how he went without food after his marriage broke and no one cared about him.

He had to fight suicidal thoughts all by himself.

“I have gone through a broken marriage. It’s no secret that I have gone for days without food. It’s not a secret that at some point my left side was dead. Nobody was there to pray with me but now there are more who bash me,” he said.

“I have been through suicidal thoughts. When you thought my goodness I’m useless the world is better off without me and a few voices told me you know what, you can do it.”

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