Check Out The Funniest MPESA Lady Challenge Videos That Went Viral

The latest viral sensation going round and entertaining Kenyans is the MPesa Lady Challenge which has lit up social media. The MPESA lady character created and developed by popular comedian George Kagwe brought so much joy and laughter among netizens.

His fictional character epitomizes the MPESA shop ladies who attend to Kenyans when they want to withdraw or deposit funds. According to the videos that have since gone viral, the ladies are evidently rude, unbothered with faces pumped full of make-up. She is always chewing gum wildly and loudly and its paired up with a loud obnoxious laugh that Kenyans can’t get enough of.

The mpesa lady character has grown to become so popular that Safaricom had him in their offices yesterday and you could see his excitement.

Due to the publicity in his videos, the funny man created a challenge where fans could create their ‘Mpesa lady’ moments. The challenge has since attracted fans from all over the world and all walks of life who recreated his video to perfection. From international to deep in Eldoret, both young and old have shared their funny videos and blown up social media.

Check out some of the funniest ones below:

Internationally, we have our Kenyan Muzungu:

The young weren’t left out either:

Straight from the city of champions:

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