Citizen News Anchor Caught Dancing While Reading News (Video)

Hassan Mugambi, Citizen TV News Anchor


Many assume that News Anchors are the most professional and collected people due to the sombre way they carry themselves when it comes to reading the news. Viewers seldom know what goes on behind the scenes or what the news anchors are up to when they go off-air.

Rarely will the viewers ever come across an anchor having a funny moment, and when it happens it is always a joy to see their fun side.

Citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi was recently caught unawares doing a jig during a live bulletin at the station.

  Hassan Mugambi

Mugambi is seen dancing to some Isikuti beats and really having a good time whilst doing it. The reporter on the other side is seen unmoved or unaware of the happenings on the other side of the studio and is seen still trying to give a live link from Kisumu.

Here is the video of Mugambi Dancing live on air:

It was a good thing to see the comical, easy side of the anchor since he is known to be no-nonsense when it comes to matters Journalism.

However, this is not the first time Mugambi has been caught unawares on camera. In January 2019, he was seen smacking his colleagues while covering the Dusit D2 Riverside Drive Terror Attack. Mugambi who was very angry emerged from behind the camera, hitting some of the journalists on their backs forcing them to squat while others had to sit.


Prolific Career

While some may know him for his shenanigans, Mugambi has a prolific career having previously worked as a news anchor and a reporter at K24 before moving to Citizen TV.

In 2016 while at Citizen, he was feted at the first-ever Security Awards organised by the Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK). Mugambi walked away with the Best TV Security Media Reporting award while his colleague Mike Njenga bagged the Media Security Reporter Outstanding Calibre award.

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