Controversial Ethic Group Music producer trolled moments after ‘Figa’ was pulled down

Ethic Group Photo: Courtesy

With over 2.5 million views on YouTube and being every club’s banger, the newly released song Figa by Ethic was pulled down from YouTube on Friday, in what is alleged to be copyright issues.

Ethic is the pride of the new type of musical wave that has hit Kenya by storm after the release of Lamba Lolo a year ago. The song ‘Figa’ was a different feel from the others. From their dress code to even the quality of the video after they got the opportunity to be signed by AI records that was bought by Universal Music Group in 2018.

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Photo: Courtesy

This came as sad news to most Kenyans who are Ethic fans and here is what they had to say.

May be the producer should be blamed for the hideous act, don’t you think?

Could this be a habit done by their producer?

Below is the song purported to have been copyrighted.

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