Diamond Reveals Precious Item He Sold To Start His Music Career

Fame and success never come in one day and most celebrities went through hardships before their triumph. Wasafi CEO  Diamond platnumz is among the musicians who started from humble beginnings. The artist has today revealed one of the precious items he was forced to sell to start his music career.

Speaking to a popular media station in Sierra Leon, Diamond narrated how he sold his mother’s ring which she gave him as a gift. He also explained that he was desperate for money to pay for a studio session and the only option was to sell the ring.

Diamond says that his brother Romy Jones, who is currently the official Wasafi Dj came up with the idea before they reached that decision.

” I started 10 years back and it was a little bit difficult. I needed to have the capital and I came from a very poor family so I could not manage to pay for the production.I had to sell my mom’s ring to pay for the studio to record my first song.” he stated

The ‘Baba Lao’ hitmaker defended his decision saying that the music career is like any other business since it requires an investment.

Through this investment, Diamond shot to fame and is currently among the successful musicians in East Africa.

This revelation explains the close ties between the singer and his mother who has played a key role in supporting his career.

Diamond has been generously supporting his mother and this includes the fact that he fund’s her posh lifestyle. His journey in the music business serves as an inspiration to upcoming artists who are hopeful about thriving in the industry.

Apart from Diamond, other Kenyan celebrities like Jalango, Akothee, and Nyota Ndogo started out as house helps while Arrow bwoy was a fishmonger before he joined the music industry.

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