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Diana Marua Finally Speaks on Being Previously Married

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Diana Marua and Bahati Photo: Courtesy

Diana Marua has come clean concerning rumours which made rounds on social media accusing her of being married before meeting Bahati.

She revealed this on her ‘Q and A session’ video on Youtube after several claims that she had been dating several men and she had been married with two kids.

“Diana, were you ever married before? Family and kids?” asked a fan.

Before disclosing about her relationship, Diana agreed to the fact that it was a frequently asked question and she had made peace with it since 2015.

“Before I met Bahati I used to be a model. I played the role of a mother in a family set up for Nivea. It was a project which ran for the whole year, which means it would appear on Fathers day or mothers day with the kids included. This translated to people thinking I was married before. I have never been married nor had kids but I don’t mind being called mummy.” said Diana.

Bahati, however, seemed dissatisfied with her answer and pleaded for her to break it down even further for people in the ghetto.

In the interview, she disclosed to meeting victor Wanyama through a mutual friend and Diana said the two had never dated.

Another user asked how many men she had dated and Diana defended her self saying she would not disclose the number because many men including fans would put her under scrutiny with photos some of which she just took with her fans.

The couple has been fighting back the boatloads of critics and trolls which were served by their haters by making jokes out of the ill posts sent to them online.

Check out their Q and A their video below:

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