DK Kwenye Beat Suffers a Heart Attack After Sex Scandal Catches Up With Him

The last few hours have been rough on Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat after he found himself in a sex scandal with Hope Kid that involved an alleged rape of a teenage girl. The Furi Furi hitmaker was earlier today rushed to hospital after he, apparently, got a heart attack.

In a photo posted by Ringtone on social media, DK Kwenye Beat was lying in a hospital bed looking weak. Ringtone asked his followers to forget the sex scandal and pray for the artist.
“Breaking news… ??DK KWENYE BEAT FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE AFTER HE SUFFERED A HEART ATTACK……please pray for him we don’t wanna lose anyone???”

DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid found themselves on a tight spot after a story of their alleged rape of a young teenage girl surfaced online yesterday. The two artists tried to apologize to their followers on social media but the damage was too big to be repaired

The rape story now seems to be weighing heavily on DK Kwenye Beat as he continues to lose his followers. The two artists are also facing criminal charges and possible jail time. All this seems too much for DK Kwenye Beat and his recent heart attack says it all

Earlier yesterday, the Gospel artist’s girlfriend deleted her Instagram account after her followers blamed her for being in love with a rapist. Size 8, who also tried to side with DK Kwenye Beat has also distanced herself from the scandal after she realized she could lose her fans too.

While DK Kwenye Beat lies helpless in hospital after his heart attack, Hopekid is yet to speak on the issue after his apologies were all shunned by his followers online. More local music fans continue to express their disappointment with gospel artists as their followers continue to expose the real sexually-hungry perverts they are.

For more shocking revelations about DK Kwenye Beat aka “Stamina Daddy”, visit his Twitter page under “Likes”… Yeah, we were surprised too.

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