Download Wewe Si Wangu by Pascal Tokodi (Selina and Biko Wedding)

Kenyan controversial singer and actor Pascal Tokodi is back with another epic love song, Wewe Si Wangu. The song is based on the popular tragic love story of Selina, a naive upcountry girl who finds love with his boss where she works as a housegirl. Being one of the main characters in the Selina show which airs on Maisha Magic East, Pascal Tokodi a.k.a Nelson has used his latest song, Wewe Si Wangu, to depict how the drama in the show unfolds as he (Nelson) turns into a hopeless romantic after Selina agrees to marry Biko.

Pascal Tokodi has, time and again, been labeled as the most charming actor and musician in Kenya. This is particularly true when you consider how he perfectly fits into every aspect of the industry with his multi-talented approach. Just a few months ago, the Kenyan upcoming artist and actor shared a message he got from a fan who claimed that her daughter had a secret crush on him

In his latest song Wewe Si Wangu, Pascal Tokodi sits on his piano and slowly unfolds the tragic love story of how he falls in love with Selina only to have his heart broken after she agrees to marry Biko. The song is an emotional, yet entertaining, RnB love song that has spark lots of love from fans all over.

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