Dr. Ring Ding! Vera Sidika Publicly Begs Her Bae For ‘Injection’


Kenyan socialite has been creating fuss on social media frequently since she changed her skin color from brown to blonde.

After stealing the show at Diamond Platinumz and Tanasha’s baby shower for wearing see-through jumpsuits, Vera Sidika went ahead to ask for intimacy from her lover Jimmy Chansa over social media, using easily decodable cryptic message.

Jimmy Chansa who is Vera’s new lover took to social media and shared a picture of himself with captions; THE GENERAL

Jimmy Chansa

Vera was the first person to react to the photo by writing this;


Waiting for my injection ☺️ …my Doctor bae ?❤️?

Vera’s comment evoked mixed reactions from fans as many came trolling her for writing such words on comment section while she had an option of sending a private message to her lover. Others criticized her telling her that at the age of 31 she should be talking of a family and not ‘baes’ and ‘ring Ding’ Injections.


@queenveebosset do you have to mention it here or his inbox isn’t functional? We know you’re a lover of “the needle”

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@queenveebosset which typa kind of injection I know you want that one Dr Ring Ding


Doctor ring ring you are terribe.

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@queenveebosset vera @ ur age now 31 Old its vera shameful that you Don’t have a husband… Every time you think of Boyfriends and breakups… Now look @ ur age, up to when will you keep having bae. I’m 25 old now with 1 wife,1 child and this our 6 year now. Wewe hii 6 years umekua na bae ngapi, u should show our young sister good example by lasting in a relationship so that they copy from you since ur in a hall of fame, but u only teach them bleaching, plastics, cheating, turning black from White and etc.

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