Ezekiel Mutua Blames Pastor Ng’anga for Being Bad Influence to Youngsters

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua popularly known as the moral cop, has finally addressed the vulgar video of a young boy making rounds on social media.

In a long facebook post, Dr. Mutua has shifted the blame to a section of ‘rogue’ politicians, preachers and media houses for being a bad influence to youngsters.

“When national leaders use the vulgar language on each other like Hon. Babu Owino did on the DP yesterday, why are we blaming that young boy for doing a vulgar video, using unpalatable language? When preachers like Pastor Ng’ang’a do the crazy things he’s doing for “trending” and controversy, why are we shocked when our kids copy him?” reads part of Mutua’s post.

“When media houses play dirty music and make television studios discotheques, why are we shocked when our kids think that foul language, controversy, bad manners, and profanity sell?”

Tokeo la picha la ezekiel mutua directives o tetema nad wamlambez

Dr. Mutua also cited his efforts to condemn obscene contents being frustrated by renown public figures.

“When I condemn certain artists for their obscene content and grown-ups like Willy Mutunga, Esther Pasaris and Moses Kuria mock me, why are we shocked when we see our kids talking dirty and appearing to be proud of themselves for doing it?” he narrated.

“When KFCB talks about the importance of regulating content and people frustrate our efforts why are we shocked when our kids are being fed with poisonous content?”

Mutua said there’s a need to addressing moral values in Kenya and say no to obscene contents in order to protect kids’ future.

“We must go back to the basics and have a national conversation on moral values. Let’s do it for our kids and our future. Say no to dirty content!”

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