Former Tahidi High Actress Jackie Introduces New Bae

If you have watched Tahidi High, you can familiarize yourself with Jackie Matubia. She was identified as ‘Jolene’ who played the role of an entitled student who defended herself and had few friends.

Switch Tv Presenter Jackie is goals! She is a go-getter and unstoppable. Former Tahidi High actress took to her Instagram story to flaunt her new luxurious love, a BMW X3.

She thanked God for fulfilling her needs and providing the car in his timing.

[Source: Instagram, Jackie Matubia]

Ms.Matubia who graced the Parents Magazine cover in August 2019 had revealed the reason she left Tahidi High is that she was pregnant. Actress Jackie added that she tried to hide the growing baby bump for four months but she could not do it anymore.

I had to leave the show when I was four months pregnant because I’d bought so many skirts and it was getting harder to hide the bump,” she said.

The mother of one also revealed that she celebrated her third-year marriage anniversary in May 2019. She had dismissed the rumors about her marriage with Kennedy Njogu falling apart.

These speculations arose after they deleted pictures of each other on their social media platforms.

Jackie added that they decided to keep their relationship private to avoid negative vibes.

We celebrated our third year of being legally married in May this year but I understand that with the decision to not post him, it raised questions,” she said adding that, “It was something we decided on together. Back when we were dating, we were all over social media and lovey-dovey but after a while, we realized that we were opening up our marriage to people which could after us negatively so we stopped, the actress said.


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