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From Grass to Grace, 10 Photos of Bonfire CEO Before Money

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Simon and Sarah Kabu, who are famous for their multi-million shillings venture Bonfire Adventures, weren’t born wealthy.

Theirs wasn’t a case of family inheritance meeting a genius idea. Far from it actually, the two hustled their way to the top. Their experience in past failed businesses strengthened and prepared them for greatness.

The business they started over 10 years ago has grown to become everyone’s number one travel agency.

According to Kabus, they both shared something common -they had a burning desire for travel and that’s how they hatched the idea of starting a business together. They have dominated the travel industry for many years and are now winning multiple awards.

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Simon Kabu, in particular, has never shied away from showing off his roots and where he has grown from and it is quite a journey to behold. He has always had a knack for entrepreneurship. Back in his campus days at Egerton University, the Bonfire CEO used to screen videos and receive money for it. He even dipped his toe at being a city tout, a job he confessed wasn’t easy at all.

Check out ten pictures from his humbler days:

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