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‘Gospel artistes who collaborate with secular artistes are just after money!’ Redemption Musiq

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Redemption Musiq

Gospel artiste Brian Juma alias Redemption Musiq has said gospel artistes collaborating with their secular counterparts are just after money.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Redemption said that if one is genuine then money should be an afterthought.

‘When as a gospel artiste you start focusing on cash then you are a businessman.

When it’s for God, money will come and it does not have to the center of attraction.

The reason why we sing is to win souls.’

Redemption added that souls are important to God.

‘Souls are important to God and that is why he would rather retain your soul while broke.

Rather than give you money and risk losing your soul.

Sometimes in gospel money might not come but we still continue producing songs.’

Gospel music should be aimed at winning souls added Redemption.

‘This is because we want people to get saved, transformed and renewed.

When artistes start focusing on cash that is when they start collaborating with secular artists.

Such people want more money and fame, but I won’t judge anyone.

You cannot tell me a song is gospel yet you have to create a scandal in order for you to produce a song.’

He was quick to point out that as a society we have also failed.

‘When these artistes produced their first gospel song, we played it and they became famous.

But did anyone care to ask if they are saved? We just assumed they are just because they sang gospel.’

Redemption joins the list of gospel artistes who have no scandals.

‘I don’t love scandals as they make one look like a fool.

When someone has issues I would rather apologize and move on. Scandals might give you fame but for how long can you maintain it?’ He posed

Other gospel artistes who are scandal-free include Guardian Angel, Kambua, Mercy Masika, Daddy Owen among others.

Artistes who have been in major scandals include Ben Githae (infidelity), Hope Kid (Herpes scandal), DK Kwenye Beat (Herpes scandal).

Willy Paul (violence) before he became a fully secular artiste, Bahati and others.

What’s your opinion on gospel artistes collaborating with secular artistes?

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