Have you ever thought of dating Tanasha? Sean Andrew responds

Sean Andrew has gotten the interwebs buzzing after answering some very potentially controversial questions with alot of candor.

This was during a Q&A session – that was also ‘a never have I ever…’ kinda session – with his  fans.

He revealed that he doesn’t have a mentor and as such he doesn’t see the need to mentor any one.

Sean also revealed that he has shed a tear or two over a broken heart but later stopped himself because the ex wasn’t worth the tears.

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Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew courtesy of instagram

One of his fans also asked him about starting a family one day. Sean gave his thoughts on marriage.

“Yes I have thought of it, but I don’t see myself being a father, a husband maybe but I don’t want kids. Never have.” Sean Andrew answered 

Another inquisitive fan asked if he has ever considered taking Tanasha Donna out on a date.

Sean laughed it off saying,

“Where is that coming from lol. I HAVE NEVER.”

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Check out the rest of sean Andrew’s responses to queries from fans.

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