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“Hii kitu ni tamu” The Real Meaning Behind “Njugu” by Padi Wubonn ft Viatu Rangi

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Kenyan king of parodies and music entertainer Padi Wubonn is back with yet another comic song dubbed Njugu featuring Viatu Rangi. The song is already raising lots of buzz on social media for its apparent hidden meaning.

If you follow Padi Wubonn and his music closely, then you know he always blends lots of hidden messages with humor and music. In his latest hit song, Njugu, the Ugali hitmaker did an explicit verse, this time featuring his newly found comic partner, Viatu Rangi

So what is the real meaning behind the Njugu song? Well, putting things on a light note, Padi Wubonn and Viatu Rangi are using groundnuts as a metaphor to mean “the fanny”. It’s a well-thought metaphor, not only because nuts are usually co-related with manhood but also because Njugu serves a good name for wordplay

“Hii kitu ni tamu…hata paka inajifanyanga lakini inakulanga hii kitu ni vile inajifichanga”

Padi Wubonn came into fame just a few years ago after he did his first parody of Desiigner’s panda. He went on to release more parodies, among them Cut It (Ugali) by OT Genasis and Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot.

Viatu Rangi is, on the other hand, still a new face in the local music industry and his new song, Njugu featuring Padi Wubonn will go a long way in putting him on the map. With Kenya’s big fascination with comic music and parodies, his new feature with Padi Wubonn will see him establish a real fanbase.

Njugu by Padi Wubonn ft Viatu Rangi is produced by SJF Records and the BFL Production Team. The song is “An all round unique beat in a new Kenyan dance flavor of Odi blended with humor in a ghetto hood…”

Watch and Download Njugu Official Song by Viatu Rangi ft Padi Wubonn

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