Hip Hop Wannabe Jakombeezy Tries to Diss Khaligraph Jones but Fails Terribly

So a few weeks ago, some hip hop wannabe called Jakombeezy tried to throw shots at Khaligraph Jones after he released a diss track called Mr. Wronghole. But other than the fact that he did not receive the reaction he was probably hoping for from the Kenyan superstar, Jakombeezy has also received a lot of negative energy from Papa Jones’ fans all over Kenya.

Again, nobody seemed to recognize whatever he did… So it’s safe to say that, even after spending 6 whole minutes rapping on a diss track he probably wrote for months, everybody just ignored him like he was nothing. That’s cruel, even for a new artist in the industry.

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Well, nobody seems to care about Jakombeezy, so let me just do a little summary of his “diss track”, Mr. Wronghole. Right from the song’s name, Mr. Wronghole, you can already tell that this is a harsh song full of insults and immature name-calling.

Jakombeezy seems to be an angry rapper who probably tried to get a collabo with Khaligraph Jones but was rejected. His diss track is therefore just a revenge song to try and get back at Yego hitmaker. The only problem is, it did not work. In fact, he may have just lowered his chances of ever getting signed by any producer in the country.

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Diss tracks are not new to the Kenyan hip hop music industry. Just a few weeks ago, old-school rapper Jimwat tried to fire shots at King Kaka after he released his own diss track to the Kaka Empire genius called Blunder. But he, too, failed terribly after his song was ignored by many music fans. It was reported that back when King Kaka was coming up in his musical career, Jimwat refused to do a collabo with him. But King Kaka endured and eventually made it in his music.

Jakombeezy tried to show his ill-feeling towards Khaligraph Jones by mentioning almost all his latest scandals including his ugly breakup with his ex-girlfriend and his alleged crush on Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika. But even after mentioning all the dirt on Khaligraph, Mr. Wronghole is still not doing great as Jakombeezy probably expected.

After almost 2 months, the song has just 90 likes on YouTube. Though it’s still early to decide on whether Jakombeezy will become popular in the Kenyan music industry in future, it’s still clear that Khaligraph won this fight without even trying.

My advice, Mr. Jakombeezy, just make good music. Insults don’t make people popular anymore.

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