Huddah Reveals Meaning of Her Tattoos

Socialite Huddah Monroe revealed the meaning of her tattoos which she obtained at a very young age.

At 17 years old, she got the tattoos on her arm and color bone. Revealing the meaning, she said that the one on her arm means ‘where there is love, there is life’ while the one on the color bone means ‘rebellious flower’.

This comes after she confessed to regretting having her tattoos. She said that before she got her tattoos, she remembered that someone warned her about it but she did not listen.

“Sometimes I regret having tattoos… and I remember before I did them someone told me you’ll regret it 1 day. Believe me, listen when somebody older tells you shit!! That shit will come to pass!” she said.

People rarely talk of their tattoos but in the past, musician Victoria Kimani and Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora also revealed how and why they got their tattoos.

Dora who shared her agonizing past preferred to have her leg tattooed to hide the scares of the tortured she underwent some years back.


Taking to her Instagram account, the mother of two has narrated how a man she knew shot at her, ran over her and drove off leaving her for dead.

“I even had to tattoo my legs(which most of the people think it’s for beauty) just to cover the scars there coz I got bullied most of the times that I posted pictures and the scars showed,” she said.

Victoria has three tattoos on her forearm and they all have different meanings. The first one represents beauty, the second one represents courage while the third one shows that she is a bad girl.

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For the love of Africa, Victoria also has an African map tattoo on her upper arm. She loves making memories and that’s why she got tattoos to describe who she is.

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