Huddah Reveals Why She Hates Being Called a Millionaire

Socialite-cum-business lady Huddah Monroe is well-known and admired for her flashy lifestyles which she often shares on social media platforms.

However, with all the wealth she flaunts, the boss lady has once again said that life is not always about the glamorous affair.

Taking to her instastories, Huddah revealed that she hates when people introduce her as a millionaire despite her running chains of business.

According to her, she feels insulted, downgraded and disrespected when addressed as a millionnaire yet she’s just an ordinary human being who is unquantifiable.

“I don’t know why I get offended when people introduce me as a millionaire! Lol! I always feel like I have bee downgraded, insulted and disrespected because deep in my heart am unquantifiable”, she wrote.

Unapologetic Huddah went on to say that, she doesn’t care if people will feel she is soo full of herself but that’s absolutely true and at the end of the day she’s not classified in the millionaire’s club.

Humble life

Whenever the Huddah Cosmetic’s CEO turns a year older, unlike other celebrities who celebrate their birthdays at fancy places, she always chooses a unique venue.

This year, the socialite decided to go out and celebrate it at a children’s home and even ate at a kibanda showing her humbleness.

Last year, Glory Children’s home Mathare estate is where the boss chick celebrated her born day.

Her humbleness has wow netizens who showed her with praises for being real.

Here are some of the reactions

Kalondu ChongaIt’s true. Wealth is not measured in the amount of money you have but by the size of your heart. #unquantifiable.
Stephen Kimanthi Indeed, very true, we got an unmeasurable power n abilities.nits about how best you explore them.
Carol MusembiJust be you, n keep doing what you usually do. most importantly make yourself happy.

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