“I Never Sold Chapatis” Wilkins Fadhili Finally Comes Clean and Admits He is a Con Artist

The last few hours have been tough on self-branded con artist, Wilkins Fadhili as more people demand to get answers on his Branding business. Fadhili was interviewed by NRG Radio earlier today where he finally admitted that he is, indeed, a con artist and that he hasn’t managed any major personalities.

“My journey is that of fake it till you make it. I NEVER sold 3000 chapatis nor did I work with the personalities,” Fadhili told Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro of the NRG Breakfast Club

Wilkins Fadhili is currently looking at possible jail time after BBC Editor Larry Madowo threatened to sue him over false claims that he is his manager. Fadhili has fooled many people in the last few years with his fake branding business through which he claims to help young entrepreneurs reach their market goals.

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Since Larry Madowo exposed the young scammer, more people including top celebrities like Elani, Collins Injera and Adelle Onyango have come out to say that they have never worked with him. Fadhili has managed to get into the Kenya’s Under 40 list (though still questionable) through the many scams he has run on naive entrepreneurs.

In the interview with NRG Radio, Wilkins Fadhili admitted that he got cocky along the way and found an easy way out. He, however, said that his real name is Wilkins Fadhili and that he never lied about that. He went on to add that he intends to pay back all the money he has stolen from people.

“I want to make it up with everyone that I have wronged. If I owe you money, kindly reach out to me. I might give you the cash back or still manage your brand since I believe in myself and what I can do.”

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Fadhili also admitted that he may have invested in wrong businesses using the money he stole from his victims. He agreed that he wasted up to 16.5 million through bad investments and luxurious parties.

“I misused the money (16.5M) that I got including partying and investing in bad business without prior knowledge of what I was getting into nor research,” he said

NRG Radio has offered to run free promotions on their Radio station for all the people who were conned by Wilkins Fadhili. Though the young scammer seems apologetic, it is clear that his business is dead for good. Many people have since gone on a harsh spree to troll him on Twitter.

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