Ice Prince Tells His Story in Newly Released Book, The Nigerian Dream

Nigerian Afrobeat musician and songwriter, Ice Prince has finally released his highly anticipated book, The Nigerian Dream. The book was announced late last year and many fans have been looking forward to its official release.

The Nigerian Dream tells a detailed story about Ice Prince’s life story. Born in Nigeria, the Oleku hitmaker had to go through many ups and downs before becoming a successful musician, not only recognized locally but all over the world.

In the book’s own intro caption, the author breaks down Ice Prince’s inspirational intentions towards his fans

“The Nigerian Dream, the Ice Prince story tells the story of the new Nigerian message. A message that profers that the Nigerian spirit is capable of achieving the most excellent results. The message of ‘made in Nigeria for the World’. It follows Ice Prince from his days as a fledgling in Northern Nigeria to his time as a breakout Artiste in Lagos and details his exploits on the World Stage and the lessons learned”

Ice Prince has, time and again, expressed his love for books and often encourages his fans to read at least a chapter of any book everyday like he does every morning.

The Nigerian Dream by Ice Prince is available for download on all major digital publishing websites.

Click here to Download The Nigerian Dream by Ice Prince

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