Is Diamond Trying Too Hard With Tanasha? More Embarrassing Videos Surface Online

Following his recent engagement to NRG Radio presenter, Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz is apparently having a hard time keeping the romance alive. In a recent video shared on social media, the couple was at a party and the WCB king was trying too hard with the PDA, it was embarrassing for Tanasha.

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Public romance is not new with celebrities, and Diamond is no exception. Since his contiguous fame a few years ago, Diamond Platnumz has been on and off with different women, and he has somehow managed to make all his relationships public. But with Tanasha, it’s different.

While many agree that Tanasha is a media exhibitionist and that she loves the attention she is currently getting, it’s clear that she doesn’t enjoy being fondled in public… at least not the way Diamond does it. For starters, she seems to be glued to her phone every time they are in public together. Which begs the question – is she embarrassed to be seen with Diamond?

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In the viral video shared online, Diamond probably thought it was a good idea to keep kissing Tanasha because he knew all the cameras were on them. But all his attempts to get some romantic feedback hit a rough wall as Tanasha didn’t let her eyes off her phone – not even once!

Many people have since gone online to troll Diamond for trying too hard with his wife to be, Tanasha Donna. While some people thought Tanasha was being rude, many agree that Diamond was doing too much that it had to be embarrassing for Tanasha.

Watch the video below

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