It Runs in the Family – Meet Nameless’ Hot Nephew Driving Kenyan Women Crazy

Superstar Nameless’ little known nephew Bryan Jazz has been on the lips of Kenyan ladies for quite some time.

Bryan is the son to Nameless’ older sister Rosemary.

Nameless has always stated how much he would love to have a son and it seems that Bryan is keeping his dreams alive as the two are mighty close.

The two share an uncanny resemblance as he rocks dreadlocks like Nameless. Bryan has that African chocolate dark skin that women look for in ‘Tall Dark and handsome’.

The young upcoming artist has Maasai blood which explains his handsomeness.

Just like his uncle, Bryan has a passion for recording music. The recording and performing artist also has a knack for entrepreneurship and recently graduated from Centonomy. Centonomy is a Financial Literacy Institution that teaches individuals about the management of their Personal Finances.

Check out the hot photos that have made him the talk of town among Kenyan women.






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