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It was for the rich – Akothee barks after getting criticised over lavish party

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Madam Boss (Instagram)

Akothee recently went home with 1.8 Million Kenya shillings after performing for Italian tycoon Bruno Massimo at the Kilili Baharini Resort.

Being a billionaire, Akothee revealed that Bruno didn’t care how much she charged, all he wanted was her on his big day.
“His wish was to celebrate his 60th birthday in Kenya and AKOTHEE BEING HIS birthday gift 😭😭 he didn’t care about the price! All that mattered was Akothee wiggling her bones on his birthday! (Me and Jodongo on one side ) Too much love for one person 😍😍WE love you MASSIMO,” wrote the ‘Benefactor’ singer.

Akothee and Bruno Massimo (Instagram)
Akothee and Bruno Massimo (Instagram)


Following news that Akothee had been paid 1.8 Million shillings to perform for only two hours, some Kenyans were not happy with the news, but Akothee quickly told them off.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of five revealed that this was a rich people party only and was so exclusive that she couldn’t even invite her friends.

“The party was not meant for everyone 🤣🤣😂😂😂even those who called @kililibahariniresort you realised you were told the tables were sold out 🤣😂 this was Massimos exclusive birthday party , the party was meant for him and his 7 friends and the owners of @kililibahariniresort , I Could not even invite my friends 😂🤣😂😂calm down its lanes only , just know I don’t collect pocket change . 💪💪💪💪💪”, Akothee posted.

Charity Programme

While some artistes may put this money into their earnings, Akothee is dedicating 50% of her Kilili Baharini resort, earnings to the needy. The Akothee safaris CEO will sink boreholes in Turkana through her charity programme.

“I want to sink six boreholes in the drought-affected areas in Turkana. I have gotten a few sponsors and by December, I’m hoping to sink three. I’m very proud of my Italian community for supporting me,” she told Word Is.

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