Jidenna’s Sensational Dance With Slay queen Leaves Women Drooling(Video)

The famous Nigerian- American Rapper Jidenna caused a frenzy on Twitter on Wednesday after a lady shared a sensational dancing video featuring Judenna ‘grinding’ her in a club.

The video which has been doing rounds on social media attracted mixed reactions from women who have been dying to have a chance to talk to Jidenna leave alone having physical contact with him.

Image Courtesy  Jidenna

The excited lady identified as Hot Girl Mi shared the video bragging how contented she felt after seizing a rare chance of dancing with the most admired handsome single man and tagged Jidenna on the video.

I need y’all to understand that I’ve just won my summer?I can go back into hibernation peacefully now.
85 to Africa is absolutely amazing? @Jidennawhat a Tuesday….

She wrote!

She also went ahead to shower Jidanne with all manner of praises citing his amazing anatomy.

Hot Girl Mi
I just want to add, idgaf that he’s famous y’all that man is just fine as hell. Sculpted by God himself?

Hot Girl Mi

Did I sustain knee injuries…yes. Was it worth it….absolutely.

The video sparked Twitter as slay queens jealously drooled over the video wishing they could get an opportunity like that.

See reactions;

Freddie Mercurina ♋????
@Jidenna I dont know if I want to fight you or hug you for this ?? omg it looks like beautiful sweaty love-making…i hate you! But I love that you got to do this ? but I hate you…I love him?

I am… ✨
@Jidenna Jidenna’s having a hot boy summer, I LIVEEE??

African american tostoness?
Is seeing girls getting to dance on Jidenna gonna be the new seeing everyone meet Andre 300 in Soho cause if so I dont think my heart can withstand

Image result for i'm sweating like a sinner in church gif


lani ?✨
I’m not saying I’m sad and a Lil envious but I’m sad and a Lil envious

Image result for envy gif

DJ MonstaMars
You can tell a lot from the way a man dances and damn ?

Girl, you’re my president now ?

@Jidenna?? this would have been me ?

Ayam Bru☥?
@Jidennagonna have us catching flights to catch a whine, at this rate.. #

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