Jua Cali Drops Much Anticipated Album, Tugenge Yajayo

Genge music King, Jua Cali is finally out with his debut album this year dubbed Tugenge Yajayo.

The album has been one of the most talked about EPs this year as the Kiasi hitmaker takes us on his musical journey and rebranding with the new wave of Kapuka music.

While Jua Cali is still struggling to remain relevant in the industry, his music is still adored by many of his die hard fans.

Tugenge Yajayo is a remake of it’s older version which first premiered on mainstream media back in 2012

Tugenge Yajayo Album Tracklist

  • Interlude
  • Jiachilie feat (Jovial)
  • Sikupenda Kwangu
  • Tunaona Mbali
  • Mabeste Damu (feat Ksoja)
  • Nakufuata
  • Ish-Zi-Au (feat Jimwat & Mejja)
  • Kazi ni Kazi (feat Double L & Mimmo)
  • Baba Yao
  • Utafuata Nani (feat Wenyeji)
  • Kuna Sheng
  • Si Siri (feat Juliani)
  • Kila Kitu (feat Genge Mzima)

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