Kenyan Men Hilariously Share Their Preparations to Oncoming Strictly Sacvo Party

Oncoming party, which will have men only in attendance, has invited mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

The party which will have a throwback theme of strictly Savco left Kenyans showing off their hilarious preparations as they went ahead to share them on twitter.

This comes after Kenyan ladies held a strictly silk party which was organized by The Nest Collective, an arts group that also works on films, music, and fashion.

It was held in August 2019 making it a second edition since the first one was held in the year 2018. It also had females only featured as the DJs.

It ensured that all services at the party—from security to décor to catering and the bar—were provided by women, and vendors at the party were also curated from a list of businesses either led or founded by women.

Check out the reactions from KOT below.

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