Kenyans Hilariously Narrate Their First Time Experience Smoking Weed

Kenyans have in several instances proved to be active users of bhang even though the drug is yet to be legalized in the country.

Those who defend its use are inclined to the fact that there are health benefits linked to the herb. For weed users, it goes beyond getting high, some people have embraced it as a culture and way of life.

Some of the benefits are that it is used as a remedy to various ailments, including nausea, vomiting, and physical pain.

Far from the benefits, it has some risks such as causing feelings of euphoria, panic, fear, or depression in some people.


Even with the knowledge of these risks, consumption is highly tolerated even in countries where the drug is not legalized.

The most common way of using up is by smoking although Kenyans also mix it in baked products like cookies.

The phrase ‘bhangi si mboga‘ best explains that people have had very funny or even extreme experiences after consuming it.

Kenyans have taken to twitter to share hilarious first-time experiences after consuming the drug. Have a look

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