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Kibaki’s Grandson’s Ex-girlfriend Rubbishes Pregnancy Claims

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Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, Elodie Zone has rubbished claims that she’s expectant.

The YouTuber has recently been a  subject of discussion on social media over claims that she could be expecting a baby.

However, Elodie has refuted the allegations saying that her belly is full of junk foods and not someone’s seed.

“So people keep telling me that I look pregnant, this dear person is streetwise two from KFC, triple decor from deboniours we have some steers in there no baby,” she revealed.

Break up with Sean

Elodie and Sean dated for several years, sometimes with long periods of long-distance between them before their messy breakup.

Sean was the first to hinted that their relationship was dead. He even accused Elodie of being a drug user.

”Yesterday My greatest fear was to lose you, today I face this fear and I say I’ll be just fine without your hurt and toxicity. Go enjoy all your drugs and friends. I’ll be just fine. ” he wrote.

Elodie took a while to compose herself before she confirmed that their relationship was no more.

”I have officially decided to walk away from my relationship with Sean. Posting this is extremely hard for me and so I pray that you guys continue to support me regardless.
I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to build my own empire and grow as an individual. Though Sean played a very big role in my life, people don’t stay the same forever and the relationship became unhealthy. I simply want to go in a very different direction in life than he does.”
she wrote.

“A lot of stories are being made up about the breakup by random people and worst, by trusted media houses and newspapers. I ask that you don’t believe any of them!
From here on, I won’t be responding to any questions or statements about my past relationship.”

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