Kibera Residents Warn Otile After Almost Killing One of Them

Kibera residents have warned singer Otile Brown not to set foot in the area after he almost killed one of them over careless driving, Opera News has learned.

The residents were angered by the Wednesday 20 incident and have therefore given a notice that Otile should not perform in any event held in Kibera or even visit their hood.

“Watu wa Kibra wamesema asiwai pitia kibera or even think of kupitia Kibera, kuperform rather” a resident told Opera news.

This warning comes days after the singer crashed into a bodaboda and injured people who were later rushed to the hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened after Otile and the boda boda rider engaged in a nasty exchange.

 “Otile was driving behind Dohty Family’s DJ Ramosh who was on the boda boda. Before the accident, Otile seemed to be in a hurry and hooted at the rider to give way. The rider told him that if he is in such a hurry then he should jump over the boda and drive away.

Otile Brown got angry and a heated exchange ensued, when the rider finally yielded, it was too late as Otile crashed into them in anger and also hit a parked a car and an elderly man.” He stated

Although Otile seemed like he wanted to solve the situation, things got worse when he attempted to remove his Mercedez from the scene.

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Otile was then forced to call one of his friend, Kriss Darlin, who helped him calm the crowd and take the injured to Kenyatta Hospital.

The ‘Samantha’ hitmaker is also accused of having abandoned the injured in hospital and has remained silent on social media ever since the incident.

OTILE BROWN What you did was not right and God will punish you.

Posted by Abdul Ali on Wednesday, 20 November 2019




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