King Kaka Laughs at Kristoff After Falling on Stage While Performing Dundaing

King Kaka is having a crazy week as his big hit with Kristoff, Dundaing, takes over the African hype universe. From countless interviews to the many concerts he’s being too, the Eastlando Royalty rapper is at the top of his career. In their latest ‘Dundaing’ performance, Kristoff was perhaps too excited and ended up falling on the stage while getting hyped to start his verse. King Kaka later posted a comment on Twitter making fun of his co-rapper in a hilarious pun.

King Kaka is not only great at his work but he also supports his fans and other co-artists. So it’s not hard to see why he compared Kristoff’s big embarrassing moment to his political potential. Kristoff, as expected, did not let his ‘Dundaing’ on stage pull himback and he quickly stood up and continued performing for the crowd

King Kaka, Kristoff, and Magix Enga gift performed at the Jameson Connect concert and gave out free copies of Eastlando Royalty to fans. One lucky fan also received a gold chain from Kristoff

Here is King Kaka’s tweet on the incident along with the video of Kristoff falling on the stage. Whoever did the remix stunt on the clip… please stop lol

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