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‘Kiuno Ngumu Kuliko Uchumi Ya Kenya!’ Zari’s Biggest Hater Mange Kimambi Savagely Trolled

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Zari Hassan’ss biggest hater Mange Kimambi has been on the receiving end of savage trolls after a video of her dancing surfaced.

Mange has a history of bashing women who are affiliated to Diamond especially his ex Zari Hassan. She always has a mouthful to say but it seems the tables have turned.

In the video making rounds on the internet, the 40-year-old socialite turned social media keyboard warrior is seen dancing to Diamond Platnumz hit song ‘Jeje’.

While her all-black outfit and body remain goals, her dancing skills have left a lot of people unsatisfied, to say the least.

Trolls have emerged from all over shading her and giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Winnie Whitney said, “Kiuno kigumu kushinda uchumi ya Kenya.”

Tanya Tiatts added, “Na venye uwa anatusi zari kiuno kigumu daaaah…enyewe nyani haoni kundule.”

More netizens went ahead to question if she was in shock.

Esther Knight said,”What is she shaking? Her soul? Mambo yamekauka kaukau.”

Tracy Ukiru thought the same when she added, “I thought it was some guy in a wig having a seizure.”

Malia Henson also questioned, “Nani anapiga huyo shock?”

Check the full video below and let us know your thoughts.

Here are more reactions from online users.

Lexi Dee Mawia Anaruka ruka ni kama ameumwa na siafu

Stacey Juxx Yani venye ako na mdomo kumbe matako ni mbao ata haimove. Gaseji gaka!!!!

Ardens Kortes Forte sio mchezo ya watoto mifupa zinakataa inabidi uzipeperushe 😂😂😂

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18 shares, 180 points


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