Kumbe You Can Dance! Hot 96 Presenter Wows Fans With Her Twerking Skills

Hot 96 presenter Annita Raey wowed fans after she shared a video of her twerking. The ever body-shamed presenter is always described as a person who is full of controversies.

Her video left her fans wondering how she was that flexible yet she had hinted of being pregnant through one of her posts.

Her pregnancy story seems to be a way of attention-seeking since she no longer look pregnant and she even pulled down the post.

Her previous posts also left her fans in shock after she shared about her struggles with depression. She talked of being suicidal and even said that all she thought of is disappearing to a place where she will never be found again.

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“One minute I wanna live, the next I wanna die so bad. Am depressed.. Am suicidal.. Am fuvked up.. Am hurt.. Am lost.. Am broken…” she said.

“I have no idea what am doing or how I will fight this… But am breathing…. No shame in being depressed… It’s okay not to be okay.”

Explaining her statement, she said that her life matters no more, neither the life of her children. Although she never disclosed what was bothering her, she seemed to be in real trouble as she even left behind a note on her Insta stories saying that all she wanted is the Lord to take her.

“Why don’t I feel like am worth it? Why am I drowning? Why am I dying inside? Why is there no reason at all for me to breathe?” she said.

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