Kwani ni Mafuta Mnakula au Kuku – Bahati’s Nanny Blasted

Bahati’s nanny Irene Nekesa receives her share of trolls after her recent post on social media.

With almost 5000 followers on Instagram, Nekesa posted a video of a meal which consisted of Ugali, Sukuma and Chicken for the family welcoming guys to enjoy the meal.

“Kama unataka kujua kupika ingoho ya mluhya halisi ongea na mimi vizuri😂😂 aki mama Heav ataenjoy leo,” Nekesa wrote.

Netizens, however, were unhappy with the oil visible from the serving jar.

Odhis who seemed dissatisfied by her meal was quick to thrown in his tantrums saying, Kwani ni mafuta mnakula au kuku.”

Another user Mary Ndanu, was equally bothered by Nekesa’s posts. “Irene sasa utakua unatusumbua huku kila saa,” she wrote.

From the Bahati’s show, Nekesa has been taking care of Heaven since she was a toddler. With Majesty being added to the family; Nanny Irene continues to help the Bahati’s in the best possible way.

In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, Diana showed the world how one can treat her house helps. The two have highlighted that it is possible to have a good relationship with your boss even if you are just a nanny.

Below were some reactions from her post.

wenzombojul7723 lol it’s really oily but looks delicious just too much oil haha

mmary_mwangi maybe ni mafuta ya kuku…you know kienyeji kuku vile zinakuwa na mafuta mob imejibebea

mary.ndanu.7370 Irene sasa utakua unatusumbua uku kila saa😂😂

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