Lavish Destinations Cheating Terence Took His 19-Year-Old Side-Dish

Comedian Terence and Wife Milly Chebby Photo: Courtesy

Comedian Lawrence Macharia, better known as Terence Creative, is under fire with his side dish moments after he admitted that he cheated on his wife.

Macharia is famously known for his online comedy clips, where he acts as a gossiping lady (Kamami) and also as a caretaker.

Months after welcoming his little baby girl, he saw a dip in his popularity after he was exposed as a cheater. Little was known about his private life until the cheating scandal emerged online.

Anita Soina Photo: Instagram

The woman in the middle of the scandal is 19-year-old Anita Soina. She has now come out to tell her side of the story claiming she felt threatened by Milly Chebby (Terence Wife).

In a 22 minute long YouTube video, Soina recalled her moments with Terence and her back and forth with Milly which has forced her to speak out.

She said that Chebby had called her saying that they should talk and agree to how they would settle the matter but that did not come to life. Instead, Milly went against her word and posted Soina’s nude photos on Kilimani Mums making her look miserable.

“The only thing that has been scaring me about Milly is her saying that she will send people and her posting my pics. Like the Kilimani mums post, I just wish she wrote I had an affair with her husband or whatever she was going to say. Instead of saying I spike men and I am wanted in clubs.”

In the Youtube video, Sonia seemed unhappy with Chebby’s move saying she (Sonia) was forced to clear her name. She added that her family saw her photos and friends have been sending the screenshots months after the incident.

“From the screenshots, people keep sending me, the post was made at 3 am and deleted at 7. I’m sorry to self for finding myself in such a situation that has cost me everything dear to me. I’m sorry for letting down fellow ladies and I’m not sorry for speaking up,” said Soina.

Asked whether she was aware that Terence was eyeing other women, Soina said she could not discuss the matter but agreed that they had made several trips together.

Soina disclosed in the interview that she had gone on trip with Terence in Mombasa, Nairobi, Naivasha.

“What was your plan with him? Edgar asked.

‘”We had not discussed that yet, but I knew he had a wife. When he came to me he seemed troubled and I was kind enough to give a listening ear. There were issues, I used to look at him as a depressed man and that made me really feel for him. ” said Soina.

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