Listen and Download Lone Uyachoma Official Mp3 By De Composer

De Composer is yet another talented upcoming hip-hop artist in South Africa and Lone Uyachoma is the first song he has released on mainstream media. Lone Uyachoma basically means ‘you’re crazy‘ and is an epic hip-hop track done with a lot of precision and some great standards.

From the crazy beats to the rhythmic flow of the song, Lone Uyachoma official audio is a great kick-off for De Composer and we can expect great music from the South African upcoming artist.

Come 2019, hip-hop fans should expect a lot of music from upcoming artists in South Africa, and De Composer is just a taste of what’s coming. The Big Hash already announced his big plans to become the face of hip-hop music, not only in Africa but also worldwide. But so many artists have promised the same and we can all agree that 2019 is going to be a new dawn of music in the continent.

Listen and Download Lone Uyachoma by De Composer

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