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Love lives here! Zari shares video listening to Diamond Platnumz’ Jeje’s song

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It’s no longer a secret Zari still loves her estranged husband Diamond Platnumz. The mother of five has been doing things which show that she still feels something for her old fame.

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From poking her nose in Diamond’s business to shading him whenever he says anything about her to communicating with him and listening to his music, Zari’s heart still beats for Diamond.

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Zari shared a video jamming to Diamond’s Jeje song while driving to her office. She seemed to be enjoying the song. This is not the first time she’s jamming to her ex’s songs after the nasty breakup in 2018. She has previously shared videos listening and even dancing to quite a number of his music.

The video ignited mixed reactions on social media with many claiming she still has feelings for the Tanzanian crooner.

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xz_lice I once said maybe these two will get back together

rhosulai He’s a deadbeat dad but she loves him. Ain’t that something 🤔

fivestarpapers She can listen all she wants. What’s new? She’s getting bankrolled & you can see the results. #Nothingsfree

jojo_mmasai Love is kinda weird!!! Your ex is the best!!

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Diamond is now on good terms with the mother of two of his two kids after promising to start supporting them after he stopped paying for child support in 2018. Zari has been recording videos of their two kids and sharing them with Diamond, who later posts them online. She also unblocked him and he calls his kids more frequently.

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