Man Threatens Girlfriend After Video of Girls Groping Lava Lava at Wasafi Festival Leaks

The long anticipated New Year Wasafi Festival concert finally went down at the Uhuru Gardens and boy did people leave disappointed. Even after the intensive preparations for the big event done by the Wasafi Crew and their music fans, not only was the concert boring to many but also a lot of drama may have just started.

In a video posted on Twitter during the concert, Tanzanian Bongo artist Lava Lava is seen standing on the edge of the stage with girls groping all over his junk and screaming with fascination. Just hours after the video was leaked, an angry boyfriend posted a follow up tweet expressing his disappointment after seeing his girlfriend in the video groping Lava Lava’s ‘parts’ and, apparently, enjoying it.

The tweet has since become a major discussion on Twitter with many sympathizing with the man.

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Celebrity groping on stage is slowly becoming a notorious trend in African music and Kenya is on the front line of the immoral behavior. Looking a few weeks back, American hip hop rapper, Desiigner, had a similar incident while performing at yet another Kenyan concert during his tour in the country. Again, South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest was also a victim of groping while performing at a concert in his hometown during the past holiday season.

A lot of buzz is surrounding the entertainment industry, particularly music, with many fans going too far with their obsession for their favorite celebrities. As for this latest scandal, let’s just hope the poor boyfriend doesn’t take the relationship drama too far

Watch Lava Lava Getting Groped by Women at the Wasafi Festival Concert Full Video

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