Maureen Waititu forced to explain why she publicly exposed her butt

Maureen Waititu – Photography @rich_allela

We often assume that people with great bodies like Maureen Waititu don’t get body-shamed but as it turns out no one is safe.

Sharing a photo of her ample backside, Maureen explained why she decided to go public with her boudoir photo.

Miss Waititu admitted that she has been insecure about her butt and opened up about getting shamed for her body to the shock of her multiple followers.

“…Let’s talk body shaming. I have had a good share of it even as recently as a few weeks ago. This picture is me bearing myself open as the backside of my body is the one I’ve always been most insecure about. I never felt like my curves were right or proportional or if my ? was perky enough. But when I realize what my body has gone through especially giving life to two little boys, I have no choice but to celebrate myself more
Every woman has been subjected to a level of torment as far as her changing body is concerned. Ask any woman who hasn’t given birth what they fear the most and they’ll tell you without blinking that it’s the expected changes in their bodies after birth,” read part of her post.

Photography @rich_allela

Miss Waititu then went on to reveal that she joined My Curves Kenya a lingerie company catering to endowed women for their body positivity campaign.

“When @mycurveskenya and I did this body positivity campaign, the idea was to have every woman at whatever stage their bodies are to just take a breather and appreciate every fold, curve, stripe and mark then embrace and celebrate themselves because self-love is all where it begins!  Love every bit because you’re beautiful just the way you are! Love every bit because you’re beautiful just the way you are!” she went on to add.

Photography @rich_allela

Her confession was met in shock by a fan who couldn’t believe that someone with a good body like Maureen could get shamed.
“If u have gone thru body-shaming wth this kind of body then I don’t know what they will say about some of us?,” wrote wanji_ru and Maureen replied with, “You’ll be surprised the level of perfection that some people want you to achieve especially when you’re in the public eye. People shamed Rihanna’s forehead, Ciara’s masculine body, no one is safe and I am sure you meant no shade❤️.”

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