Maureen Waititu Speaks On Claims That She Was Physically Abused By Ex-Husband

Popular influencer Maureen Waititu has opened up about claims that her ex-husband Frankie used to be a violent man in their marriage.

Speaking to Radio Jambo, Maureen revealed that they had arguments like any other couple and might have pushed each other at times but she never recalls an incident where she was beaten.

“Ndoa iko na vituko vyake, naeza sema kuna kikombe kilirushwa lakini  siwezi kusema kwa uhakika kuwa alishawai kunishika na kunipiga,” she said

She also revealed that she could no longer stay in the marriage because there were so many things that were going on. She admitted that what people know about their breakup is not the whole story.

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Maureen also spoke on allegations of infidelity in marriage as one of the reasons that led to their split. The mother of two mentioned that she is not sure whether her ex cheated but there were so many women who were salivating on her man.

“Kulikuwa na issues za other women around. He is very handsome na tena wanawake huku Nairobi ni mafisi.

Hata kama yeye ako sawa, kuna wale ambao wanamfuata na labda hakuwa anajua how to carry himself, maybe anaentertain lakini sijui kama alitoka nje ya ndoa” she said

According to Maureen, dating on social media is a dangerous place because women want what they want and they do not care whether someone is married or has kids.

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She mentioned that she always got uncomfortable by how women were eyeing her man. Maureen says she protected Frankie from any men who tried to pursue her but there was no reciprocity on this aspect.

The couple was together for 6 years and were engaged before they went separate ways. Maureen reveals that they have been co-parenting well and Frankie has been committed to his parenting responsibilities.

She also confessed that she still loves him but she does not think that she will ever rekindle the love with her ex-husband. Maureen says she tried so hard to fight and save her married but things did not go as she had wished.

She acknowledged that the relationship with Frankie taught her many lessons that will be helpful even in her future relations.

Check out her full interview courtesy Radio Jambo

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